Ngorongoro, the largest caldera in the world

Picture yourself standing at the edge of the most impressive crater on earth and looking down...

Far below all that is left of what was once a great volcano, inhabited by an unbelievable concentration of wildlife.
You are never prepared for the magnanimity of Ngorongoro. It's a shock, a revelation, an exciting vulnerablity towards nature.


Extending about 304 square kilometers, the crater is actually an enormous caldera of a volcano that collapsed to a depth of 610m about three million years ago.
The splendid landscape combined with a phenomenal concentration of wildlife makes it one of the greatest natural wonders of the planet.
Part of the Serengeti ecosystem, Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to a population of 25,000 large animals and not surprisingly to the densest known population of lion. It is also of  global importance for biodiversity conservation due to the presence of threatened species like the black Rhino.

Moreover, Ngorongoro is the place where you can find some of the best lodges to stay with superb views to the crater.

Not a surprise that Ngorongoro is included in any of our Northern Tanzania tours. You should not skip this wonder of nature!