Going on Safari alone 

Sometimes you are a solo travelling enthusiast who loves the excitement of new adventures on your own: your decisions, your pace, your independence.
Other times, travelling alone is not your favourite thing in the world but it's just hard to find someone who can or wants to join you in a safari: different budgets, destination preferences, time, ... We also know it can feel intimidating a few days in the middle of nowhere with just one guide and the accommodation staff.  None of these reasons should stop you from embarking in a solo safari. It is not as overwhelming as you might think. The truth is you'll never feel lonely. These are the reasons why you should go on a solo safari:




 1.  You will have a super experienced guide completely dedicate to you, to your interests, your rhythm, your safety. An expert to share thoughts/words but also silences as you want;

2. If you feel the need for socialising a little bit, dinner is always a great time to meet other travellers. Some safari accommodations work better for solo travellers than others and we’ll advise you on the best ones if that's what you want;

3. It's the perfect time to develop an extra skill! A safari gives you the perfect chance for self-enrichment like perfecting or developing your camera skills, your passion for birds or your obsession for Big cats, name it because, guess what, you're the leader !

Trust us your safari and enjoy the Solo Safari Experience of a Lifetime!